NetSuite to Quickbooks Migration

Converting from NetSuite to QuickBooks can be a cumbersome process. Although it is possible to download all the files from NetSuite and then re-upload them to QuickBooks, this can cause an issue of missing or double counting data, which requires tedious manual entries to fix. Also, it is impossible to connect linked transactions such as payments to invoices manually.

Even though there are a multitude of third party companies that claim to specialize in the conversion, the problem is that they will not be familiar with your particular company, which leaves room for costly mistakes. These services often approach the problem the same way someone in-house would, so what you are paying for is tedious manual data entry.

List Items

We start by evaluating the source NetSuite data and compile the number of lists and transactions that will need to be converted to QuickBooks. We send you a no-obligation quote after the analysis is complete. We also give you the turnaround time for the conversion. You can decide a cut-off date for NetSuite, and schedule the conversion at your convenience. We work evenings and weekends to make the transition as smooth as possible with the least amount of downtime.

Full Service Conversion

This service includes the following:

  1. We access the source NetSuite data directly using the NetSuite API and convert all list data to QuickBooks including your chart of accounts, customers, vendors, jobs, employees, classes, inventory, service and tax items, assemblies, price levels, shipping methods, terms, and other names.
  2. We ensure you have a conversion specialist dedicated to your particular file, and will exclusively assess your business needs, making a prompt determination which QuickBooks products would be best suited. 
  3. Our team of professionals host full-time programmers looking after the nitty-gritty details, such as the export, cleaning, and import of your historical data.

To make sure we see eye to eye, we commit to the following: 

Analysis of Products needed

As mentioned above, your dedicated QuickBooks Specialist will evaluate your business and your existing accounting system. We will strive to understand what your priorities are within an accounting system, and which QuickBooks products best suited. 

File Setup

We assess files that need data transferred in order to ensure QuickBooks leaves no stone unturned. We work hard to ascertain that your data is fully absorbed. 

Final Review 

This process enables us to do a thorough double-check to make sure we’ve imported everything you need. 

NetSuite to Quickbooks Migration

To enquire about the NetSuite to Quickbooks Migration service, please fill out the form below and a representative will contact you immediately during business hours.