Quickbooks Auto Data Recovery

What Is Auto Data Recovery?

Every business, no matter its size, needs to back up its own financial information. Things like lists of employees, vendors and inventory are essential for its proper functioning, as well as a track of all its transactions. If a company doesn’t do that, it may face serious trouble at some point. However, doing this task can have its own complications. With the idea of offering a quick and easy solution for this issue, QuickBooks now present its auto data recovery function on its Pro and Premiere versions, so that a recent backup of the business information always be at hand and simple to get.

How the Quickbooks Auto Data Recovery works?

The auto data recovery feature of QuickBooks works automatically, you only need to open QuickBooks and after one hour it will run some test on the company file to later start making a backup every 12 hours, without the necessity of you having to do anything else. It will create a new file, the auto data recovery folder, which is a copy of your QuickBooks company file and will be the base to restore information in case of an emergency. QuickBooks will perform all of this on its own after you open it, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting backing up any data that it is in the company file. While doing new copies of your data, the old ones will be deleted, which means that your hard drive won’t fill with backups of your information.

The job of retrieving the data can be hard, complicated and it demands a certain technical knowledge, so it is not recommended that a regular user without the necessaries skills do it. To have the full benefits of this, it is a lot better counting on the help of professionals that knows how to perform this task with no complication.

There are people that complain about how it slows down their computer or how much space of the hard drive that the backups occupy, no matter how little it may be. But on the other hand, remember the benefits of having a copy of your most important information with a non additional effort from you. It will help you a lot if something like an accidental deletion or damage happens to your computer. One more thing to have in mind is that QuickBooks doesn’t support all kind of data, so you must do copies of certain information yourself. Emergencies in which you lose of some of your business data will happen, that is inevitable, so don’t think that it won’t occur to your company, take the necessary measures and count on the QuickBooks auto data recovery and relax.


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