Quickbooks Condense Service

Quickbooks slows down considerably as the data file accumulates transactions and increases in file size. After using a Quickbooks data file for a few years, Quickbooks becomes painfully slow and needs to be condensed inorder to use the data file efficiently.

The built-in Quickbooks condense function will archive previous years of data and create a smaller data file without the previous years. However, the built-in condense will not work with data files that have inventory. Also, files that don't verify in Quickbooks will give you a Quickbooks condense error. For such cases, we offer a guaranteed Quickbooks condense service to reduce the file size and number of transactions in the data file.

"I had a data file with inventory that would just not condense. QBRecovery.com repaired my data file and condensed it flawlessly. Not only that, the file size is 80% of the original size and Quickbooks works like when we first started using the software. I recommend doing it every year to improve the efficiency of your staff as it did mine."
- James C., NY, NY


Is the condense service guaranteed?
Yes, the service is guaranteed. There is no evaluation fee and never a charge if we cannot resolve your issue.
Will this fix Quickbooks Condense data errors?
I get the error message"A data problem prevents condense from con tinuing. Click close and then rebuild your data." Will this issue be resolved?
Yes, we will resolve this error message and condense your data file as of the supplied cutoff date.
How long does the operation typically take?
2-3 days. We can also condense your data file over a weekend
How it works?

The actual process is simple. You upload a backup of your QuickBooks file. We will condense your data file as of the cutoff date and return a backup that you will restore into Quickbooks. This service works with all international versions of Quickbooks including the US, UK, and Canadian editions. Weekend service is available.