Quickbooks Error Code -6190, -816 or -6190, -85

Error Message:
QuickBooks was unable to open the file [path\filename] on the host computer [host name]. Try opening the file with QuickBooks on the host computer or run the QuickBooks Database Server Manager on the host computer and then try opening the file on your computer. If the problem persists, please contact Intuit Technical Support and provide them with the following error codes (-6190, -816).

What causes this error code?

  • Mismatch between the transaction log file (.tlg) and the company file (.qbw).
  • Another user is logged into the company file in Single User Mode.
  • Data Corruption or Data damage in the Quickbooks data file

How to resolve this error code?

Method 1: Fix TLG mismatch
  • Locate the transaction log file. It has the same name as your company file, but with a .tlg extension.
  • Right-click the transaction log file and choose Rename.
  • Enter a new name, for example CompanyName-OLD.TLG.
Method 2:
  • Ensure all users are logged out of the Quickbooks Data file
  • Restart all computers
  • Copy the data file to a local drive and then copy it back to the original location
  • Open the file in Quickbooks

Data Recovery Service

If the above methods did not work, your data file may be damaged or corrupted and you will need to purchase a data recovery service to repair the data file.

How it works?

The actual process is simple. You upload your data file to us using the secure instructions we send you after you purchase a recovery service. We will repair your data file and send you a secure download link to downlaod the repaired data file. The service is guaranteed and there is never a charge if we cannot successfully resovle your issue.