Quickbooks File Merge Service | QB Recovery

Do you have two or more Quickbooks data files and need to merge them into a single quickbooks file?

Quickbooks has a feature called 'classes' that can be used to track data by department, entity, or location. If you used multiple data files previously and want to merge them into a single data file, we can help. We offer a service that will merge all lists and transactions from two or more Quickbooks data files into a single Quickbooks data file. Quickbooks Online (QBO) company files can be merged as well, but they need to be converted to Quickbooks Desktop format prior to the merge.

"Fantastic, works perfectly! Thanks!

Happy to recommend you !"
- Jeff D, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Can classes be added to all transactions in each data file?
Yes. Simply provide us with the name of the class you want to assign to each company file transactions at the time of the merge.
How long does the file merge take?
The merge typically takes 2-3 business days. We also offer weekend file merge service.
What is your success rate?
100%. Not a single merge has failed.
How it works?

The actual process is simple. We will first evaluate backups of the data files that need to be merged to ensure conpatibility. We will then give you a quote and turnaround time of the merge. When you are ready to merge your data files, you will upload backups of your QuickBooks files to be merged. We will merge all list and transaction data and return a backup that you will restore into Quickbooks. This service works with all international versions of Quickbooks including the US, UK, and Canadian editions. Weekend service is available.