Quickbooks Password Recovery | QB Recovery

QuickBooks is an accounting software that helps manage your company finances, making it easy to track payments and prepare reports. Because of the confidentiality and sensitivity of the financial data it holds, care must be taken to ensure the account is secure. Users can access and work on the company files as long as they are given permission by the admin. That is why it is so important to maintain your QuickBooks Admin account well. 

It is strongly recommended that you create a separate login for each user, especially if you have multiple people working within your company QuickBooks file. In the event you find yourself locked out of QuickBooks, try the following: 
  • Check the Caps Lock and Num Lock keys. 
  • Check if the password contains spaces. QuickBooks Passwords cannot contain spaces. 
  • If you find yourself on a login screen that asks for a password but does not ask for a user name, it usually means you are on the administrator's login screen.
  • Check Accessibility Settings: Sometimes this can prevent a password from being accepted

If all fails, the Password Reset Service will reset the Admin user password within your QuickBooks company data file so you can open your company file as the Admin User.

The Quickbooks Password Recovery Service can be used with all versions of QuickBooks Data files. If you have forgotten the Administrator password, we can recover or reset the password from the data file so you can open the file as the Administrator. This service works with all versions of QuickBooks including QuickBooks for Mac, QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro, and Premier.


We support all versions of QuickBooks from DOS 1.0 to the current versions of QuickBooks Enterprise, Pro, Premier, Accountant, and QuickBooks for Mac. 

We work with all international versions of QuickBooks including US, Canada, UK, Australia, and NZ editions.


Is there a data recovery guarantee?
We offer a money-back guarantee. If we cannot recover your data, we will refund your payment with no questions asked. Our success rate is 95%+ -- this is the reason we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.
What is the turnaround time for service?
The turnaround time is 48 hours from the time your files are received for regular service and 12 hours (same day) for expedited service.
What can I expect after ordering this service?
After ordering the service, we will send you instructions to securely upload your data files for recovery. After we finish the recovery, we will send you a secure link to download a backup of the recovered data.
Here’s what happy customers are saying!
“Great customer service from the E-Tech team – very friendly and helpful with all my QuickBooks concerns. Made me feel very reassured that everything was okay. ” -  Rita Samuels
“I was referred to E-Tech by a colleague and I must say I am very satisfied with the service provided. They are both timely and informative and are highly experienced and competitively priced.” - Leonard Sawyers 
“We have been using E-Tech for over two years and have been very happy the service. They go above and beyond with customer service. I would highly recommend them.” – Jonathan Spear
“I was in desperate need of recovering my QuickBooks password. Thanks to E-Tech’s expertise, I was able to reset my password and log in successfully.” – Amanda King