The Top 5 Common Quickbooks Mistakes

The 5 Most Common QuickBooks Mistakes

Making mistakes is part of every process, especially if it is a new one and you are learning how to do it in the right way. Using QuickBooks for the first time is no different, and there are some common errors that a lot of people make. These mistakes may lead to a true catastrophe so you need to be very alert to not make them and doing everything you can to prevent them. If you don’t pay attention your company may suffer a fatal loss of essential information and you may have to start a lot of procedures from sctarch again. However, the solution to this issues are not so complicated. Here are the 5 most common QuickBooks mistakes and how to solve them.

  1. Not reconciling your bank accounts

If you have your bank account connected to your QuickBooks and don’t reconcile it frequently you may lose accuracy and that can lead to worse situations. Solving this problem is easy, you just have to make the reconciliation a routine so you keep this data intact. Start this process right now and execute it regularly.

  1. Not taking advantage of shortcuts

Shortcuts exist for a reason, making your work simpler and easier, so don’t waste this great benefit and exploit it. The navigation through your computer desk will be a lot of faster thanks to shortcuts and your wrists will thank you because they won’t suffer so much wear while you are working.

  1. Not backing up your data

The QuickBooks company data files are essential for its functioning and if it gets lost it could be devastating to your business. You have to be prepared for troubles like this because eventually, they will happen and the best way to be ready is by taking the habit of backing up your QuickBooks Data often to prevent any accidents.

  1. Not upgrading your software to a new version

An updated QuickBooks software has a lot of advantages in its functioning as well as new features that make the work easier. Sometimes they also come with new information about different aspects of the field, in this case, things like new tax regulations. That is why doing the upgrades is so necessary, no matter the price or their requirements of your PC, the best thing to do is using them and you will be more productive.

  1. Entering a bill and then writing a check.

There are different options for a specific reason, and they must be used for their special purpose that is why you should never mix them or using one to do the work of another. “Enter Bills” and “Write Checks” are two different functions if you are looking to do a payment then use the option of “Pay Bill” this way you won’t have to worry about a further issue.

Mistakes will happen, however, don’t turn them into a rule, do everything you can to prevent them. With this simple solutions, your business data will be safer and you won’t have so much trouble in the future. QuickBooks is a great software with a lot of benefits, use it in the right way.

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